Sports and leisure

There are various sports clubs and leisure activities available on the Isle of Wight for families. There are many known benefits to your health by doing exercise and physical activities. For example, keeping active improves your ability to do everyday tasks, reduce the risk of disease and maintain good health. Here you can find facilities and information about activities, sports clubs, local gyms, music, arts and drama groups.

Making time for leisure can also improve mental health, reduce stress and depression. Find a local library, visit a museum, or take a walk at one of our many beautiful parks, beaches or gardens.

Being part of a community can positively impact lives, provide social connection and promote healthy living. Here you can find Community Centres local on the Isle of Wight.

  1. Community centres
  2. Libraries and museums
  3. Dance, music, arts and drama
  4. Parks and outdoors
  5. Sports
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