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Welcome to the Isle of Wight Family Information Hub. Visit us to keep up to date with the information, support and advice available to families living on the Isle of Wight.

Young people, parents, expectant parents, carers, and anyone working with children and families will be able to find useful information on this website.

Throughout the website you will find lots of listings, each listing contains information about a service, organisation, or activity. You can save listings to your shortlist and share them with others. The different options available can be found by clicking into the listing.

Organisations offering an activity or service benefiting families living on the Isle of Wight, can advertise their service on this website. For advice and guidance on the sign up process, and on the creation and upkeep of a listing, please click here.

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  1. The impact of cost of living on parent relationships

    The cost of living can impact all areas of a persons life, including adding stress to relationships. However there is a range of cost of living support available to Island families. Money troubles can be one of the biggest causes of relationship stress. OnePlusOne recognise…

  2. Island chosen to 'trailblaze' new separated parents app

    The Isle of Wight has been chosen to trial a new app to support separating parents and help them secure the best possible outcomes for their children. The new app called Separating better will enable parents to self-manage their separation, providing emotional and practical support in a single authoritative app. It will…

  3. Tell us your views on the Family Information Hub website

    The Family Information Hub website was launched by the Isle of Wight Council Children’s Resources team in March 2023. The website has been created to help families find the information, support and advice that is available to them, when they need it. There has been…

  4. Supporting parent relationships with OnePlusOne

    OnePlusOne is a free online resource for parents. Offering three evidence-based digital courses which are designed to help parents reflect on conflict within their relationship and consider the impact in has on children. The training is useful to everyone, helping us all to argue in ways…

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