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OnePlusOne is a free online resource for parents. Offering three evidence-based digital courses which are designed to help parents reflect on conflict within their relationship and consider the impact in has on children. The training is useful to everyone, helping us all to argue in ways that are helpful rather than harmful.

The courses are:

Me, You and Baby Too - designed to help new and expectant parents adapt to the changes that parenthood can have on their relationship.

Arguing better - designed to help parents manage their stress and communicate in ways that are helpful to their relationship and their children.

Getting it right for children - designed to manage separation and improve communication between parents.

There are also free dealing with debt resources and see it differently videos available.

Feedback from parents

A parents feedback on what they had learnt from Me, You and Baby Too:"The videos were very useful, they showed me how to deal with an argument. It has taught me how to talk it out without stressing. Not to take it out on each other and to remain calm in those situations".

A parents feedback on what they are doing differently as a result of using Arguing better: "We are being nicer to each other, communicating better and compromising better".

A parents feedback on what they had learnt from the Getting it right for children course: "How to have a positive relationship with my ex partner using the skills provided so that our relationship does not negatively impact our child".

How to access OnePlusOne

Parents can sign up for FREE on the OnePlusOne website and will have access to all of the resources.

Professionals can also sign up using their work email. By signing up they will have access to the practitioners guides and resources. All users must set up their own account, this is to ensure that we get the correct feedback and insights on how the resources are being used in our organisation.

Parents and professionals can access the Supporting families webpages for more information. For anyone wanting to speak with someone about OnePlusOne, they can do so by visiting or contacting the Family Hubs. All Family Hub staff are trained in supporting parents to access the digital resource. 


Page last reviewed: 21/02/2024

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